OneAlert 1.0

A calendar for your desktop that can remind you of upcoming events
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OneAlert is a small but useful application that shows a calendar right on your desktop and reminds you of upcoming events. The size of the calendar can be adjusted to show the number of months that you need, and you can place the calendar in the desired position or hide it to save space. You can also use selectors to explore other months or years of the calendar.

To add a reminder you can directly click on a date or select a day range, but there is another interesting way to do it: there is the parsing console at the bottom of the calendar where you can type in text. This text will be used by the program to generate a reminder, for example, you can type "tomorrow 3pm" and the event will be automatically scheduled.

You can perform different alert actions for the events: show a desktop alert, send an e-mail, run an application, play a sound, and more.

There is a Reminder Manager Window where you can review all your reminders. Among other things, you can make the events recurrent, use the snooze feature, and mark days as holidays and workdays.

This program offers a convenient way to check dates and keep track of your events. The program can be used for free but with the limitation that it can keep only 10 reminders at the same time.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • The parsing console allows you to type your events
  • You can use shortcuts to operate the program


  • To-do lists and task manager features are not supported
  • Synchronization with other plataforms or mobile devices is not supported
  • The program can be used for free but with the limitation
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